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Shop For Wiccan Supplies

Wiccan Jewelry...
Don't let the "magic"
without the "k" fool you!
This online store has all
sorts Pagan and Wiccan
Jewelry of every type!
Lots of Links to different
Wiccan and Pagan Shoppes.
It's like a Wiccan/Pagan
The Earth Spirit Emporium
itself is great! This is
where I buy my pentacles
and everything else I need.
If you cant find it anywhere
check here. They don't call
it unique for nothing, they
have things you cannot find
anywhere else. Even though,
their selection could be better.
Everything you need for
reasonable prices.
Check here first!
This online shoppe is not
as pretty and the layout
is much simpler than other
sites listed here, but if you
need to buy your herbs in bulk,
than this is where youneed to go.
For the more fancy items,
more for show than ritual
this modern shoppe is quite
popular. From books to
Tee-shirts, Lady Hawk has
definitely made a buck publicizing
the craft.
A great Wiccan bookstore!
It seems Isis Books has
every Wiccan book known
man, with over 10,000 titles.
Their deliveries are fast too!
This shoppe is back
to the basics. Based out
of Salem Massachusettes,
Real is for
real witches. The site
offers a lot including
free poetry and more.
They have a nice selection
of jewelry and supplies and
I love their pentacles. Each
one is so beautiful. I highly
recommend you pay them a visit.
Again, like a huge Wiccan mall.
They have almost everything you need.
They have wands too!
Still cant find it?
Visit this site,
it will find it for you!


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