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Find Something Lost Spells

Below are spells to help you find everything from car keys to people...

Finding lost objects


Keeper of what disappears,
Hear me now -- open your ears.
Find for me what I now seek,
By Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea.


Say or chant

"I now invoke the law of three what once was lost returns to me"


Spoken as needed when you have lost something:

"Bound and Binding
Binding, Bound
See the sight
Hear the sound
What was lost
Now is found
Bound and Binding
Binding, Bound"

Then think of what the object looks like and how it sounds.


Earth, air, water, fire, help me find what I desire
Candle, cup, wind, seed, help me find what need

Remember to think about what you want to find very hard.


Picture whatever you lost in your mind and say this three times:

"Something I lost I need to find; By the power of three, this spell I bind."

- Submitted by silver60613


Cast a circle like you normaly would. Then say:

"By the powers of Moon, Sun, Earth,Air, Fire and Sea
what once was lost return to me."

Release the magic and wait.


Whenever you can't find something and you're in a rush just chant:

"Wolves and Fairies, dragons and ghosts,
help me find the thing I need most.
My _________ is lost, cannot be found,
whether lost above or below the ground.
Bring it back to me, SO MOTE IT BE!"

This chant works really well but sometimes things aren't meant to be found.

Invoking Angels

Burn white candle on next full moon before retiring for the night. As you light it say:

"Little Angels, lost and found, Help me while I look around,
bring to me this very night, the thing I seek within my sight"

Then go to bed with a white feather inside your pillow case. Pay particular attention to dream you have that night, it will give you a clue. And if you do not dream then be very aware of your surroundings the next few days, something will jog your memory.

So mote it Be

Finding a Spirit Guide

A "guider" is a spirit with the power to help you through difficult situations. They are not for revengeful purposes or any other sort of evil witchcraft, only to help one to see happiness and comfort.

On a piece of paper, write down what you need help with, then bury the piece of paper with some sage and lilac flowers while saying:

"I am one. Peace and comfort come to me in my time of need. Help me out o gaurdian spirit so I can move my life on foword to see you, to hear your call. Help me out; vanquish all of my fears and then disappear to help another one who is dear."

This has helped me and other witches through a rough time.

Find a lost familiar

Light white candles of any size. Make sure you have a hair, feather (etc) of your familiar, before you say the spell. The spell may be done in any part of the moon phase, but sooner reciting of the spell will result in sooner finding of the familiar. Here is the spell:

What has been lost I call to thee
Much more than just good company.
Goddess and God, please lend your ears
Please help me find what I hold dear.
Blessed be! So mote it be

Drop the piece of your familiar into the first flame. Write down & memorize the spell. Burn the piece of paper and chant the spell until it is nothing but ash.

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